The Spero Group

The Spero Group

Behavioral Health Management


Based in Nashville, TN, The Spero Group, LLC is an outsourced behavioral health management company. We provide management solutions and non-clinical operations to hospitals, sober living residences, and residential treatment facilities across the United States.

Our purpose is to partner with our clients so they may deliver individual care with the highest level of excellence to an underserved yet growing population. From pre-treatment stabilization to long-term sober living, our clients provide local treatment options to individuals and families facing substance use issues. The Spero Group is determined to help our clients deliver the most effective treatment pathways for patients and to share our knowledge across our provider base nationwide.


The Spero Group Services Include:

  • Business Development
  • Facility Certification
  • Licensing
  • Staffing
  • Protocols
  • Management of Non-clinical Team
  • Community Education
  • In-take and Discharge Planning
  • Billing and Collecting
  • Payor Contracts
  • HR/Payroll

Our management and operations focus on three distinct specialties within the behavioral health space